User Interviews

Explore this article to learn more about booking User Interviews using Fable: 

Perform remote user research, in real-time. Talk to your participants while they share their screen, face and voice with you.

What is a User Interview and when should I use one?

A User Interview is a video-based session directly with one of our community members. A User Interview can be used to demo your product with assistive technology, to co-design user experiences and conduct research, or to solve complex problems that customers have complained about. 

You should request a User Interview if you are looking to:

  • Communicate directly with someone who uses assistive technology for research or QA

  • You are at the early stages of product design and looking to understand AT users preferences with online interactions

Who can I request a User Interview with? 

With Fable, you have access to a diverse community of accessibility professionals, each living with a disability. With technical expertise ranging from novice to expert, our community can support your development cycle from research to QA. When requesting a User Interview you’ll notice you have the ability to select preferences from Assistive Technology type to the browser used. Currently, you can interview with screen reader, screen magnification or alternative navigation users.

Don’t see the participant profile you’re looking to interview? Fable grows its community of participants based on the needs of our customers. If you have specific recruitment requirements, please let us know.

How do I create a User Interview?

Creating a User Interview request is easy. Like any request, start by selecting ‘Create’ from the Fable platform. Select an existing Project,