Use environments to save special instructions that are needed across multiple requests. Alternatively, environments can be setup for private access areas.

Share credentials and testing environments with the Fable community quickly and consistently across multiple requests.

What is an Environment and when should I use one?

Environments on Fable allow you to setup private access on your staging environments, so you can conduct user acceptance testing for accessibility. Once you setup an Environment on Fable, you’ll be able to use it across multiple requests – making access simple, and secure.

In the case that environments are being leveraged to access private networks, Fable’s Security Team reviews these with your teams Project Manager and it is added to the subscription.

How do I setup an Environment?

To setup a new environment, head to your Preferences. From the Environments section, you’ll be able to create a new environment or edit an existing one.

To create a new environment you’ll need the following information:

  • Environment name: What will you call your testing environment? Choose a name that all members of a Project will recognize.
  • Environment details: How will your participant access your product? This includes any special instructions or credential information.