5 Questions you should ask in your User Interviews

When it comes to running an effective User Interview, a little planning can go a long way. We’ve outlined the questions below to help kickstart your planning, and get the most out of your session on Fable. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, or not, we hope these questions leave you excited about engaging assistive technology users in your research practice.

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Elana Chapman, UX Researcher

“Understanding the context of your tester is key.”

1. What do you typically use this assistive technology for? 

The idea that testers have a primary” assistive technology (AT) is a bit of a myth. People will often choose the tool that best first their need for a specific situation and AT is no different. For many of our testers, they may be using a combination of different tools for different types of tasks in their day to day lives. Take for example a screen reader user choosing NVDA when dealing with email or spreadsheets but VoiceOver for internet shopping 

When you start your session, it’s helpful to contextualize what the tester normally uses the chosen AT for compared to how they’ll be leveraging it for your set tasks. 

2. How does this compare to other similar experiences? 

For many researchers, we love to ask the question “What could we do to delight you?”However, the challenge this poses for assistive technology users is that the question feels too far off in the horizon to reach. If they’re already interacting with a product that feels broken from an accessibility standard, ideating past “I want it to work” can be especially challenging 

To look for improvements of your experience beyond just the elements you have created, you can ask testers to talk through other similar products they’ve used and why they felt like a good experience. This can help you spark ideation conversations for new features to explore while still having the conversation feel tangible to your tester.