Prototype reviews

Illustration: Prototype with wireframes, the one in the right column is pink with a black X in the middle

Get feedback early. Share links to your interactive prototypes with a user and guide them in a moderated session.

What is a Prototype Review and when should I use one?

One of the best ways to fully integrate accessibility into your product cycles is to consider it early and often. A Prototype Review is a video-based session directly with one of Fable’s community members. Meet with an alternative navigation or screen magnification user to get feedback on your prototypes. In these moderated sessions, you’ll walk a user through your interactive prototype, and they’ll provide feedback and help shape your user experience, pre-code.

You should request a Prototype Review if you are looking to:

  • Get valuable user feedback early on in product cycles

  • Validate design decisions

  • Reduce development time by addressing accessibil