5 tips for conducting a Prototype Review

When it comes to running an effective Prototype Review, a little planning can go a long way. We’ve outlined some points to kickstart your planning. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, or not, we hope this leaves you excited about engaging assistive technology users in your design process!

Illustration of brunette woman wearing a yellow t-shirt.

Amber Knabl, Customer Success @ Fable

“If your prototype allows for it, have testers interact with the prototype themselves. Prompt them to share their thoughts aloud, while also sharing their screen with you.”

Why should I conduct a Prototype Review?

There are many benefits to engaging people with disabilities in your design process. Identifying issues before a product is even built will save you from potential customer complaints, as well as remediation time down the line. When conducting a Prototype Review, it is important that you are transparent about where exactly you are in the product cycle. Always be open about how much change you’re able to make, based on the stage you are at.