QA sessions

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What is a QA Session and when should I use one?
Who can I meet with?
How do I request a QA Session?
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Illustration: Showing a person on a screen with a QA speech bubble

Solve problems together. Meet with an expert screen reader user to rapidly evaluate a product and give you suggestions.

What is a QA Session and when should I use one?

A QA Session is a video-based meeting directly with an expert screen reader user in the Fable community. These individuals are chosen specifically for their background in development, QA and/or their proficiency with Assistive Technology. Where User Interviews are intended to identify new issues, QA Sessions exist to work through known issues. Use a QA Session to work through complex problems, and takeaway actionable solutions.

You should request a QA Session if you are looking to:

  • Rapidly evaluate a product and receive technical suggestions

  • Replicate a customer complaint, and discuss remediation tactics

  • Brainstorm solutions to complex problems with a screen reader user