QA sessions

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What is a QA Session and when should I use one?
Who can I meet with?
How do I request a QA Session?
Tips for success

Solve problems together. Meet with an expert screen reader user to rapidly evaluate a product and give you suggestions.

What is a QA Session and when should I use one?

A QA Session is a video-based meeting directly with an expert screen reader user in the Fable community. These individuals are chosen specifically for their background in development, QA and/or their proficiency with Assistive Technology. Where User Interviews are intended to identify new issues, QA Sessions exist to work through known issues. Use a QA Session to work through complex problems, and takeaway actionable solutions.

You should request a QA Session if you are looking to:

  • Rapidly evaluate a product and receive technical suggestions

  • Replicate a customer complaint, and discuss remediation tactics

  • Brainstorm solutions to complex problems with a screen reader user

Who can I meet with?

With technical expertise ranging from QA to development, our community is uniquely qualified to support your teams in the identification and solving of accessibility issues. For QA Sessions, we’ve hand picked the screen reader users you’ll be able to meet with. These users are proficient with their assistive technology, and their ability to communicate issues and provide suggestions. You’ll also have the ability to specify preferences in terms of the screen reader type and browser used.

Don’t see the participant profile you’re looking to meet with? Fable grows its community of participants based on the needs of our customers. If you have specific recruitment requirements, please let us know.

How do I request a QA Session?

Creating a QA Session request is easy. Like any request, start by selecting ‘Create’ from the Fable platform. Select an existing Project, or create a new one – every request must be assigned to a ‘Project’. Select ‘QA Session’ and you’ll be on your way!

To request a QA Session you’ll need information on the the following:

  • Testing audience: Who do you want to meet with? This includes screen reader type and OS preferences.
  • Meeting details: When and why would you like to meet? This includes date, time and a description of your goals/objectives for the session.
  • Credentials and access: How will your participant access your product? This includes any special instructions or existing environments.
  • Live links: What will your participant be interacting with? This includes proving any URLs you’ll want the participant to review.

Don’t have all of this information yet? No problem! You can always exit and save your QA Session request as a draft at any point during the process.