Fable announces partnership with Siteimprove

Toronto, Canada – 11 March 2020 – Siteimprove, the world’s most comprehensive digital optimization platform, is partnering with Canadian start-up Fable Tech Labs. This partnership with Fable makes it possible for digital teams to complement their existing automated accessibility efforts by continuously getting feedback from people with disabilities.

Alwar Pillai of Fable and Peter Bovin of Siteimprove shake hands

Alwar Pillai, CEO of Fable Tech Labs, and Peter Bovin, VP Partnerships of Siteimprove, shake hands at the 2020 CSUN conference in Anaheim, California

Across industries, digital teams face increasing demands to ensure products are accessible to a growing population of people with disabilities. While many Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) can be automatically tested, it’s challenging for teams to evaluate how consumers using assistive technologies (including screen readers, switch systems, voice navigation, and magnification technology) will experience their products.

Siteimprove’s partnership with Fable addresses this by enabling digital teams to integrate people with disabilities into the product development cycle. Digital teams can engage Fable’s community of native assistive technology users on-demand to conduct user interviews, review prototypes, and test compatibility across different configurations.

Peter Bovin, VP of Partnerships at Siteimprove, looks forward to partnering with a growing accessibility focused start-up: “This partnership adds another dimension to accessibility testing by making it possible to integrate users like never before. Fable addresses the biggest challenge in implementing user-testing for accessibility: how time intensive it can be. We are excited to work closely with Fable to ensure the web is a more accessible place for all users.”

“Fable is very proud to be joining Siteimprove’s partnership ecosystem. The value of Siteimprove and Fable together is clear, as we have multiple joint customers. Together, we have the opportunity to unlock substantial value for companies around the world that are striving to make their digital products enjoyable for people with disabilities to use,” said Alwar Pillai, CEO at Fable Tech Labs.

Organizations, companies, and digital teams interested in learning more about how to take advantage of the collaboration between Siteimprove and Fable should visit: https://makeitfable.com/siteimprove/

Media Contact

Sarah Hendriks
Partner Account Manager at Siteimprove

George Mason
Strategic Partnerships at Fable