5 common challenges as a screen magnification user

Screen magnification users can encounter many unique challenges when they are navigating the web. Despite using the same assistive technology type, it would likely surprise you how different each user’s experience can be! In this article, we will look at five common challenges experienced by all low vision users. 

Illustration: Profile shot of user with headphones

Yvone, Fable Community Member

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Types of screen magnification tools

Each person will rely on different levels of magnification to complete tasks, depending on the level of vision they have. Some will need a high magnification level to read content, whereas others may need a lower level. It all depends on our comfort level and what works for us on a personal level!

A user will choose the tools they use based on personal factors, like cost and the extent of support they need. Here are some common screen magnification technologies:

  • ZoomText: A paid tool for Windows users that allows magnification up to 36x.
  • ZoomText Fusion: Screen magnification paired with JAWS for extra screen reading functionality.
  • Windows OS in-built screen magnifier