Task flows: A tester’s perspective

When creating a Compatibility Test on Fable, the type of feedback you get can often depend on the type of instructions you give in your task flow.  The following are some tips to help you get exactly the kind of feedback you’re looking for.

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Samuel Proulx, Community Manager at Fable

“One of the goals of accessibility testing is to make sure your website works equally well for every user. Instead of phrases like “press enter on the link”, consider “activate the link” instead.”

Avoid visual instructions and details. 

If you’re testing your website with blind, low vision, or colour blind users, it’s important to avoid giving exclusively visual cues or descriptors in your instructions.  For example, “click on the red paperclip to upload a file”. If you’re not sure how clickable images, or other graphical controls, on your website are labelled, this would be an important thing to check before you go through the user testing process.

Never assume how users will use their computers.

When given an instruction