Projects are a way to keep all of your requests and feedback organized. You’ll also be able to view the status of all of your requests, view members and control who sees what data. We want our customers to have an organized and transparent approach to accessibility, that’s why we’ve introduced Projects.

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Organize your feedback and requests in one place, in a way that makes sense for you and your team.

Why Projects work

  • Privacy: Ensure that people only see what they need to see.

    • Public projects will be viewable to all members of a company
    • Private projects will be viewable only to members who are added to a project
  • Defined roles: Introducing Owners and Members.

    • Owners of a project can add members and create requests
    • Members of public project can create and view requests
    • Non-members will be able to see public projects
    • Members of private project can create and view requests
    • Non-members will not be able to see private projects
  • Collaboration: Encourage transparency and teamwork by adding Members to a Project.