Why I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking

One of the ways someone with a physical disability can navigate the world of computers, e-mails, and social media is to use a speech recognition program. There are a few well-known proprietary versions, such as MacSpeech and Windows Speech Recognition, but none are as popular or advanced as Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Dragon). Until 2018, the company who owns Dragon, Nuance Communications, Inc., had what amounted to a monopoly, for the best communications software available to people with physical disabilities.

Dragon still holds this position as the best overall speech recognition software, but in October 2018, Dragon was dropped from the Apple line of computers, thus leaving Mac users only the option of MacSpeech. There is still a Dragon version for iOS, as well as Android, but the software’s popularity remains most prominent in the Windows community. There is no other speech recognition program that has the accuracy, speed, or ability to learn, the way Dragon has over the last 29 years.