Subtitles are written words on a screen that share dialogue of an audiovisual program (TV show, movie etc.) in real time, used by those unable to understand the spoken language of a video.


Sign Language


Sign language is a natural language where people communicate using hands and bodily gestures instead of their mouth, primarily used by people who are deaf, hard of hearing, have hearing difficulty, or are unable to vocalize speech.

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Seeing AI


Seeing AI is a free assistive application developed by Microsoft to recognize text and objects, primarily used by those who are blind.

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Semantic markup


Semantic Markup refers to marking up documents in ways that provide information about the content itself rather than information about the visual styling of the content. It is critical to ensure that assistive technology users can understand your document.

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Sip and puff


This assistive technology is a form of switch system that sends signals through air pressure by having users sip (inhale) or puff (exhale) through a tube, straw or wand.

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Speech synthesizer


A speech synthesizer (also known as Text-To-Speech) is a technology that turns written text into speech. It is used by those who are blind as part of a screen reader and as an assistive technology by those who are unable to speak.

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Switch system


This assistive technology is a category of alternative navigation where users can use a switch device (a device that has two states - on and off) to navigate a piece of technology (for example, a screen), and is primarily used by those with movement-limiting disabilities.

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