Voice Control


This assistive technology is a voice recognition software for Apple products that allows users to control a computer using their voice, and is primarily used by those who cannot use a keyboard or mouse.

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Alternative Text


Alternative text ("alt text”) is an accessibility feature within image editors that makes image description text legible to screen readers.

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ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)


ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) are a set of HTML tags and attributes standardized by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in order to make rich internet applications accessible to assistive technology.

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)2021-12-16T17:10:15-05:00

Audio Description


Audio Description is a method of describing the visuals in multimedia presentations, primarily used by those who are blind.

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TalkBack is the primary screen reader on Android devices and is most often used by those who are blind.