Video Magnifier


A video magnifier is a tool that enlarges content on a screen to make it easier to read text or view an image, most often used by people with vision difficulties or low vision. 

Video Magnifier2022-07-04T17:06:48-04:00

Color Contrast


Color contrast is the difference in brightness, saturation, and pigment of different elements of an image that make it more (or less) difficult to see. 

Color Contrast2022-07-04T17:17:41-04:00

Assistive Listening Device


An assistive listening device is a piece of technology that aids in audio comprehension or enhances hearing aid functionality, most often used by people with hearing difficulties or partial deafness.

Assistive Listening Device2022-07-04T16:46:35-04:00

Tactile Sign Language


Tactile sign language is a form of communication that uses touch as the key mode of understanding and comprehension, most often used by those who are deafblind.

Tactile Sign Language2022-07-04T17:11:28-04:00

Cochlear Implant


A Cochlear implant is a small device that stimulates the cochlear nerve to improve hearing capabilities, most often used by those with severe hearing loss or partial deafness.

Cochlear Implant2022-07-04T17:13:11-04:00



Fingerspelling is a form of manual alphabet where someone uses their hands to sign a specific letter, most often used by people who are deaf.  


FM System


An FM system is a type of assistive listening device that transmits speech directly from a specialized microphone into a hearing aid, used by people who have hearing aids.  

FM System2022-07-04T17:16:13-04:00



Orca is the primary screen reader technology on the Linux platform, primarily used by those who are blind.


Alternative Navigation


Alternative navigation is any type of assistive technology that replaces a standard keyboard or mouse. It is primarily used by those with physical mobility challenges.

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