Sam’s Journey Into Accessibility Testing and Community Management

Why did you become a Fable Community member?

I became a Fable community member before there was a Fable community.  In fact, I started off as Fable’s first ever screen reader tester.  I’d heard about Fable because our founder and CEO, Alwar, worked with one of my best friends at Rogers.  She reached out to me, and I quickly realized just how important and impactful the vision and goals for the start-up were.  Several weeks thereafter, I was presenting with Abid and Alwar at OCE, Fable’s first ever showcase.  As the Fable community grew, I grew with it, and became Fable’s community manager.

What is your favourite thing about being a Fable Community member?

The impact we can have by advising companies of issues, in a way that they can understand, and work with, so things actually get fixed.

What type of Assistive Technology do you use?

I use screen readers: NVDA, Voiceover, TalkBack, Orca, VoiceView, Jaws, and others.

Outside of accessibility, what are your interests? What do you like to do?

I love reading science