Accessibility experts at EVERFI and CVS Health share their Fable experience

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Last month we hosted a customer showcase with EVERFI and CVS Health, as part of our new event series Experts with Fable. With examples from both early and mature stage accessibility journeys, Fable customers shared how product teams collaborate with people with disabilities in user research and thanks to Fable, have been successful in ‘shifting accessibility left’ in their respective organizations. 

Experts with Fable: the accessibility journeys of EVERFI and CVS Health. Two headshots of speakers Annie and Greg, both white people with glasses. Annie has chin-length dark brown hair, and greg is bald with a long, red-brown beard. Fable logo with pink shield icon.
Screenshot of Annie presenting during the webinar. Slide breaks down the gaps in EVERFI's accessibility practice. A tiny view of Annie's face is in the top right corner.

“We’ve come miles as a result of our work with Fable. Fable Engage enables consistent and reliable process of connecting remotely with people with disabilities who use a variety of different assistive technologies in their everyday lives, to evaluate products and collaborate with us.” 

– Annie Hendrick, Senior UX Researcher at EVERFI

Annie Hendrick, Senior UX Researcher at EVERFI, presented her talk, ‘Building Out Accessibility Research Practices’. Annie goes in depth to demonstrate how Fable Engage enables reliable collaboration with and feedback from people with disabilities, strategies to get buy-in from your team, and how to integrate process changes and demonstrate impact.

Greg Weinstein, Senior Accessibility Designer and Inclusive Research Lead at CVS Health, presented his talk, ‘Breaking the Feedback Loop: Building Empathy and Promoting Accessibility’. Greg addresses the imbalance of typical UX data capture by centering the experiences of people with disabilities in user research, offers examples of how to break the feedback loop of inaccessible research and inaccessible design, and how CVS Health’s Design Accessibility team has generated enthusiastic support for accessibility by developing empathy for the diverse challenges people face when interacting with CVS Health. 

Screenshot of Greg's webinar presentation. The slide describes the challenges that Fable helps CVS Health solve, such as recruiting participants with disabilities that use assistive technology, and developing a regular research cadence. A tiny view of Greg is displayed at the top right.

“Now, thanks largely to our partnership with Fable, we have a replicable, ongoing user research process with people with disabilities … that has been a very important as one of the pieces of our inclusive design work at CVS.”

– Greg Weinstein, Senior Accessibility Designer and Inclusive Research Lead at CVS Health