Tecla is a Canadian assistive technology manufacturer of hardware and software devices that allow people with physical challenges to access computers, phones, smart home devices, and other digital products. The company sells directly to the consumer and aims to use off-the-shelf parts and existing components in order to drastically reduce the price of these types of technologies.

Currently, Tecla makes a range of switches and joysticks including the Tecla-E, a single-button switch that can connect to Android, IOS, Windows, OS X, as well as other Bluetooth low energy and smart home compatible devices, allowing them to be controlled by the Tecla-E’s single button. The company also provides the Tecla app, allowing the system to be customized and configured to suit each user’s needs. On top of the Tecla-E and app, the company sells joysticks, cables, buttons, pillow switches, and wheelchair mounting hardware, allowing every Tecla user to create a customized control solution to meet their exact needs.