Recommended resources and tools

A list of some of Fable’s favourite blogs, articles, and automated tools to help you continue your accessibility journey.

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Amber Knabl, Customer Success @ Fable

“Remember: no matter what tool(s) you use, you will always need some form of human analysis to validate accessibility.”




Automated tools:


  • HeadingsMap: Creates a visual heading structure of the webpage by generating an index or ‘map’ of the headings 
  • Hemingway:  An editing tool that helps make sure your content is easy to understand.
  • WCAG 2.0 Contrast Checker: Check the color contrast between the foreground and background of on-page elements. 
  • EightShapes Contrast Grid: Evaluates foreground and background color combinations for compliance with WCAG 2.0.
  • Pa11y: Free and open source tools to help designers and developers
  • WAVE: Accessibility feedback displayed by icons and indicators directly on-page
  • Lighthouse: Analyzes 75+ metrics and gives an overall page “score”


  • Siteimprove: A platform that evaluates web pages for accessibility issues in real time.