• Alwar Pillai pitched Fable Tech Labs to win first prize, $75,000, at Waterloo-based Fierce Founders pitch competition.
  • Fable is an accessibility platform that companies use to engage people with disabilities in user-testing and direct consultations.
  • The Fierce Founders Bootcamp is Canada’s leading pitch competition for women, hosted each year by Communitech in Waterloo.

September 10, 2018 — Fable Tech Labs wins $75,000 to grow online platform that helps companies to engage people with disabilities in research and user testing.

Each year, Communitech hosts the Fierce Founders Bootcamp, which ends with a pitch competition and $100,000 in prizes. Alwar Pillai’s winning pitch showcased Fable as a social enterprise, providing companies with a high quality offering while also creating flexible employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Toronto-based startup is a member of Imagination Catalyst, OCAD U’s business accelerator. Alwar is a graduate of OCAD U’s Masters of Inclusive Design program, where she focused her energy designing technology interfaces for the aging population.

As a newcomer to Canada, Alwar describes the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada to be palpable. “It’s really special that programs in Canada empower people to solve problems. Imagination Catalyst and Fierce Founders are giving us the tools and the time we need to grow into something big!”

About Fable Tech Labs

The company was founded in April of 2018 and has been gaining traction quickly. As a social enterprise, Fable provides flexible employment for people with disabilities while offering an essential service to companies required to comply with digital accessibility standards.


Name: Abid Virani
Phone: 519-830-6683
Email: info@makeitfable.com